A small but mighty music production facility, located in the serene Northamptonshire countryside. Offering a full range of services for musicians, bands and labels. Employing a flexible and adaptable approach, tailored to suit each project, from concept to completion of an end musical product.
Styletone’s versatile range of services include:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-production
  • Recording
  • Mixing (including online mixing facilities)
  • Mastering (including online mastering facilities).

A musical project is unlike any other. It’s highly personal, unique to each artist/band and requires the utmost attention to detail. Nothing less is good enough. If the sonic qualities desired by the client are to be realised, the process must be meticulous.

No amount of equipment is enough to ensure results. Having a perfectly tuned and treated room will alone not suffice; only true caring for the integrity of the music and the vision of the artist will yield tangible results. That along with a healthy dose of critical listening and effort to nail the recording, mixing and mastering, of course. This is where we come in.
We’re here to help you realise your artistic goals and to convert ideas into BIG sounds!
Please contact us to discuss your project, today.



  • Apple iMac 27″ i5 Processor, 32GB RAM.
  • Samsung CD/DVD Burner
  • Seagate 1TB External Drive


  • Pro Tools V12
  • SSD (Steven Slate Drums)
  • Slate Bundle (Every Plugin)
  • Waves Gold
  • Waves Maserati DRM
  • Waves GTR
  • Amplitube 4
  • Reason Essentials
  • Melodyne
  • Waves Vocal Rider
  • Air Plugin Suite
  • Avid Factory Plugins

Automation/Control Surface:

  • Avid Artist Mix 8


  • Neumann U87AI
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure SM57 (x2)
  • sE 2200A II
  • sE 2200A
  • sE 1A (matched stereo pair)
  • Audix D6
  • Sennheiser e604 (x3)
  • D-636 Tom Mic (x3)
  • D-637 Snare mic
  • FX-510 (x2 matched stereo pair)
  • D-568 Kick Mic


  • API 500-6B Lunchbox
  • Rupert Neve Portico 511
  • Focusrite Octopre
  • Focusrite Saffire
  • Art DPS II
  • Focusrite Scarlett
  • DBX 215 15 Band Graphic EQ
  • MunroSonic Egg 150 Power/Headphone Amplifier


  • MunroSonic Egg 150’s
  • Yamaha MSP5’s
  • Behringer MS20’s


  • Beyerdynamic DT100
  • AKG K44
  • Beats Studio (x2)

Headphone Amps/Mixers:

  • Mackie Mix8 (x1 Headphone Output)
  • Behringer HA400 (x4 Headphone Outputs)
  • Millenium HA4 (x4 Headphone  Outputs)
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (x2 Headphone Outputs)
  • MunroSonic Headphone Amplifier (x1 Headphone Output)

DI, Re-amp and Phantom Power Units:

  • Behringer Ultra-DI DI100
  • Palmer DACCAPO Reamp
  • ART Phantom III


  • PRS Custom 22
  • PRS SE Zach Myers
  • Fender Aerodyne Precision Bass
  • M-Audio Oxygen 25 Midi Keyboard

Acoustic Treatment:

  • CAD Audio AS32 Acousti-Shield
  • Tegular Ceiling Tiles
  • LENRD/Bass Corner Traps
  • Wedge Tiles (installed on walls and movable screens, to absorb midrange reflections).



Rates & Booking


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Standard Hourly: £16

*Includes full use of the studio, it’s equipment and an in-house engineer/producer. Minimum booking 4 hours.

Standard Daily: £120

*Based on a weekend day session, 8 hours in duration (8am – 5pm, with a scheduled unpaid lunch break, 1 hour in duration).

Special Weekly Block: £450

*Based on 32 hours of recording/editing/mixing/mastering in the studio, distributed over 6 sessions. 4 week night evening sessions, each 4 hours in duration (6-10pm). 2 weekend day sessions, each 8 hours in duration (8am – 5pm, with a scheduled unpaid lunch break, 1 hour in duration).

Special Monthly Block: £1600

*Special price for a monthly block booking, where 32 hours of recording are undertaken each week, for four consecutive weeks (128 hours in total).

Online Services

  • Online Mixing 1-5 Tracks: Prices start from £50 Each
  • Online Mixing 6+ Tracks: Prices start from £40 Each
  • Online Stereo Mastering 1-5 Tracks: Prices start from £30 Each
  • Online Stereo Mastering 6+ Tracks: Prices start from £20 Each